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Vintage Rustic

Our creation, our style, make it yours

The heart and soul of Vintage Letters & Co lies here. The VINTAGE style is 100% custom designed and created by us. These light up letters are the real deal, the look, the touch and the ambiance of the filaments. Our Vintage range is available in full alphabets, full sets of numbers, hash tags, @ symbols and  love hearts. Our Vintage Rustic range will leave you speechless


Perfect for weddings and engagements. Comes in 30cm, a 90cm one piece script font, the most popular 1m height and the statement pieces at 1.65m.


Its official! Add your last name for some real impact at the after party. Comes in 30cm, a one piece 90cm script font, the most popular 1m height.


Celebrate birthdays, milestones or anything with a number in it. Available in the 1m high range.


The questions been popped, time to plan the engagement party! This one piece sign has been custom created for your engagement. 


Australia’s biggest light up heart in a vintage rust effect is sure to impress anyone who sees it


Every letter, every word. Spell it like you mean it! Available in our 1m high range.