A small but mighty light up letter with a powerful effect! These are an inexpensive way to get some impact at your next event.

These carefully created light up letter lights are operated by battery for the Vintage series & power for the Classic series and are easily transported and placed anywhere you can think of. Sitting at a proud 1Ft (30cm) tall they make a loud statement at any event. Perfect for tables, bars, photos and the list is endless. The Mini-Series are available in the words LOVE, MR & MRS, I DO and multiple symbols, they are currently only available in VINTAGE and CLASSIC style finishes, to book them simply go to the BOOK NOW page of the style you wish to book and the 1ft letters will be in the drop down boxes.

If you can’t find a Mini-Series on your desired letter style you can contact us on 1300 659 659 or email [email protected] and we can source them for you.

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