Q: Will someone contact me once I place my order?

A: Yes. We are real people and we will contact you within 2 business days of receiving your online payment, alternatively you can call us on 1300 835 861 or email [email protected]

Q: How do I convert Ft into cm?

A: Easy. Multiply Ft by 30.4 to get your answer in cm. eg: 3.5Ft is 106.4cm.

Q: How do I convert Ft into m?

A: Easy. Multiply Ft by .304 to get your answer in m. eg: 3.5Ft is 1.06m.

Q: Can I move them?

A: No. Once they have been set up, that’s where they will stay.

Q: Are they waterproof?

A: No. They are water resistant, contact us for specific details.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are fully operational in Perth WA with Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Adelaide stores taking bookings from April 2016. Contact us for more details.

Q: Do you have a showroom?

A: Viewings by appointment only. Australia wide showrooms opening soon…

Q: Do I have to pay online to receive the 10% discount?

A: Yes. Only online payments will receive a 10% discount. If you don’t want to pay in full call 1300 835 861 and make a payment arrangement with one of our friendly staff, but you will only receive the discount if you pay online.

Q: Do I have to pay online?

A: No. Simply call 1300 835 861 and discuss options with our friendly staff.

Q: Can I get something custom made?

A: Yes. We need about 28 days to complete custom orders, any shape, size or finish. Normal hire fees and a design fee applies.

Q: Does Vintage Letters & Co sell any of their products?

A: No. All of our designs and products remain the sole property of Vintage Letters & Co.

Q: What if there is damage on the units when they arrive?

A: Vintage Letters & Co photographs all items when they arrive so any previous damage will be captured.

Q: What happens if the letters are damaged at my event?

A: Vintage Letters & Co will assess the damage and you will be liable for the repair cost.

Q: The size I want isn’t available on your website, can I get it the size I want?

A: Yes. If there is a style you would like in a particular size that is not listed on our website please contact us on 1300 835 861 or email [email protected] and we can arrange it for you. Higher fees apply.

Q: What can I expect dealing with Vintage Letters & Co?

A: Expect a professional, smooth operation.

Q: Is there anything Vintage letters & Co can’t do?

A: Yes. We can’t fly or breathe fire, but if its letter related we guarantee we can help you!